From the Desk of: John Yeo, Singapore
Re: Your Guide To Making Money Online

Hi there, glad to meet you. I've a small request before you go on ...  

Please stop whatever stuff you're doing right now cause ...

What I'm going to tell you in the next few paragraphs is very important if you intend to make some good cash online.

So I'll need your full attention here.

Ready? Thanks :)

Well first, let me introduce myself - I'm John Yeo from Singapore.

I'm currently working part time as a volunteer social worker, helping single-parent kids achieve happiness in their lives.

My full time job? You've guessed it - A professional blogger.

My hobby? Hmmm ...

I love bringing my wife and kid for a stroll in a nearby park or watch a nice movie during weekends or have a nice dinner together at our favourite eating place.

As you can see, I'm a pretty typical family man =)

Ah yes, this is a photo of my family ( I like to show them off to my friends ... )

On to the story of my blogging venture ...

I started my first wedding blog (Romance Fire) 5 years ago when I was getting married. 

It was meant to be a wedding gift for my wife - romantic, don't you think? (Secretly chuckling ...)

On the blog, I basically wrote about how we met, our relationship,

how I proposed, how we prepared for our wedding,

how we selected my wife's wedding gown,

the problems we faced with our in-laws, etc, etc, etc...

Anything you can think of for a wedding blog, I blogged about it.

Here's a screenshot of my blog ... looks pretty decent, but it's actually very easy to setup ;)

2 months after I started the blog, it began to generate some buzz among the community.

More and more people were reading my blog, and they're not just one-time visitors.

They were loyal readers who visited my blog again and again, craving for every bit of blog content that I posted.

You can say that I was pleasantly surprised!

Just look at the traffic figures I'm getting when I first started compared to 2 months later and now.

You might ask - where did all these money come from?

Well, the answer is very simple actually, NOW REPEAT AFTER ME ...

Making money online isn't as hard as you think.

I've already had targeted traffic coming to my blog. All I needed to do was to make money from it.

And the wisest thing to do was to allow some advertisments on it.

True enough, 2 months after I started my wedding blog, I received emails from wedding biz owners interested to showcase their products and services on my site. 

... And they were more than willing to pay a substantial amount of cash upfront on a monthly basis for that!

From then on, CASH just flowed in like streams of water.

And it's still flowing today, even as you're reading this letter :)

I'm getting paid for just spending less than 2 hours a week maintaining a simple blog!

So the bottomline is ...

Following the success of my wedding blog, I went on to build another 2 blogs.

And both are doing equally fantastic!

I must admit. 

This has been a truly wonderful journey for me and I soooo want to share my joy with you.

As you can see, I've discovered a proven and fun system here that can generate a steady income on autopilot while I'm doing what I like.

And you know what?

I want to SHARE this knowledge with YOU.

You see, I've been spending the past few weeks penning down every knowledge I have on building profitable blogs and compiled them into 3 easy-to-follow volumes of guide call:

This handy guide clears the doubts and questions in every blogger's mind and provides a sure and distinct direction to successful blogging.

This is an opportunity for you to follow the exact same methods I've been using all this while to earn my 4 figure paychecks every month.

"Wow, John's really covered everything in his guides, including all the little details like how to customize my blog and install it on my web host.

He doesn't just tell people to do something, he'll tell them exactly how to do it with clear straight directions and screenshots.

I find no problems recommending this awesome blogging guide to all my friends."

- Peggy Baron

Click HERE to get your blogging guide...

Now, please allow me to walk you through the content in each of the volumes ...

I will recommend a free blogging platform that's very easy to use - saves hours of guess work.

A very reliable webhost to set up your blog. Idiot-proof installation.
How to create stunning looking blogs in less than 1 hour - with tons of pictures to guide you step-by-step.
How to select a cool topic you'd love to blog about. No, you don't have to blog about your wedding if you don't want to...
Little known secrets on how I write blog posts that keep readers coming back for MORE - This tip alone will turn your blog into a potential money spinner!

Correctly identify your specific niche market to ensure long term sustainability and steady profits.

Blow your blog readership through the roof using these 9 clever tactics.
A free strategy that lets other people drive traffic to your blog while you sit back and relax.
Making use of the search engines to catapult your blog's success by leaps and bounds.
Discover an incredibly viral traffic mechanism that would get you massive amounts of readers through word of mouth.

I'll let you in on the best sources that will send you paychecks non-stop. These are one of my highly guarded goldmines.

A trick that will BOOST your blog's profits x 10! I can't understand why no one else is doing this but it works... guaranteed. 
How to attract advertisers such that they will always say "YES" to advertising on your blog.
Cool techniques that will convince advertisers to pay you many times more than what they normally do.
A shortcut method to finding advertisers who have loads of cash to pay you - I've kept mum about this for a long time but I'll reveal it to you with nothing held back.

"I'm completely pleased with John's blogging guide!

It's so simple to follow and read at a comfortable pace - not too fast, nor too slow.
10 days after reading the guide and applying the stuff John teaches, I'm already seeing an increase in my blog's traffic, comments, and feedback. In addition, I've several ideas for making money with my blog that I can put into practice right away."

- Shay Rockhold (

"John has written down every method he’s tried on his own blog and had lots of success with.

If you’re an absolute beginner, there’s a full chapter which shows you step-by-step how to set up your first blog in less than 1 hour. The screenshots in the guide are laid out so clearly that even my kid can understand them!

If you want to blog and earn money at the same time, this is definitely one of the most important guides you’ll ever need!"

- Ewen Chia (

With these 3 blogging volumes that I've personally written, I'm very sure that you'll be more than well equipped to start making money by blogging.


I'm not stopping here.....

In fact, I've gone one step further and prepared a series of videos to show you the gist of it all.

And I call it the ...

The Simple Way For Anyone To Build A Profitable Blog Faster Than Most Beginners!

Selecting a profitable niche that hordes of people will stampede over each other to pay you cash for.
3 simple things to keep in mind in order to discover top converting keywords.
How to choose domain names that give your blog a look of professionalism instead of confusion.
How to choose the right ad size so your profits will increase tenfold!
A software that can help you generate a long term recurring income from your blog.

This cool video training series will shorten your learning curve tremendously and ensure you are able to pick up the skills with ease and skyrocket your results.

"John really makes blogging sound like an easy business that anyone can get started in right away!

I struggled for many years online before I cracked the code and it looks like he's cracked the blogging code and are passing it on to his readers. Keep up the great work!"

- Reed Floren (

"I like the guide. John is clear and effectively tells you what needs to be done.

In today's world, you should learn from someone who's down-to-earth and realistic, like John.

This guide is strictly for those who want to make a breakthrough in their financial success.

Listen to John - he walks his talk, and shows you what he does, how he does it, no holds barred."

- Stuart Tan (

These tried and tested methods are in fact the most effective blogging techniques ever used by me!

If you implement the tactics shown in this guide, you WILL have stream after stream of consistent income flowing into your pockets.

That's not all, to help you jumpstart your blogging experience faster than anyone else, I've decided to this one thing just for you ...

Yes, you've heard right.

I will set up your very first basic blog for you so you can start blogging away with ease and speed.

(* There's only one condition though, you'll need to get your own domain name and web host. If you don't have one, I will recommend a very cheap and reliable host you can use.)

As my time is limited, I can only provide this service for this week only. So you need to act fast and get my blogging guide to enjoy this special bonus.

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So How Much Will All This Cost You?

I decided to introduce a price so low…that to be honest. It scares the heck out of me…

I'm talking about a price less than $197

Less than even $57!

Why am I going so low?

Because I know there are people out there who don't have the available funds to pay for everything, especially after paying for their bills.

So, here's what I came up with:

I have no doubt this little experiment will produce TONS of new success stories...and buzz.

So how could it hurt?

The decision was made.

Welcome to the craziest offer I've ever made…

But I must warn you…when you visit this site again…this price may be gone forever…

But right now…

Get the entire blogging course for…

Not $197... Not $57... Or even $37... 

Just ONE single payment of $17 !!

There's NO recurring payment. No strings attached. It's a flat fee of $17 one time and you get instant access to EVERYTHING.

That's less than many of you spend on coffee this exchange for EVERY secret I could muster…to build a 4 figure blogging business in no time flat.

I told you I went a little crazy...

And because it's so crazy...I must warn you…that I WILL NOT keep this price up for long.

Click HERE to get all the stuff at $17 only...

Before we go further. Let me just take ALL the risk of this purchase of your shoulders and hit you with my:

Now just to be certain…there's absolutely no doubt in your mind about taking this completely insane offer. I'm going to make you the strongest guarantee I can think up.

I honestly think a refund will be the last thing on your mind when you get inside...

But I want you to be comfortable with your purchase. 

If you don't find this to be the most valuable content you've ever come across on the internet …get ALL of your money back…keep the training as my way of saying thanks for trying it out…

If you've read my blogging guide…and don't have the slightest idea on how to create a blog TODAY…I want you to ask for a full refund.

If you've gone through my materials…and don't have a clue how you can make money with a blog…I want you to ask for a full refund.

Of course if you're not happy with the guide for ANY other reason.

Even if you just don't like my writing style.

I'll give you every penny back...and KEEP all the training materials as my way of saying "thanks for trying it out"

Just contact me at: and you'll have your money back in just 5 business days…

If you want to live easy later on…that ONLY happens through making the tough decisions now...

And believe me. This is the easiest decision you'll make in your career.

Leap forward into your future.

The order button is below.

Click it NOW and place your secure order.

The Blogger's Paycheck Guide & Profitable Blogging Videos & my very own blog built by John himself ... that will help build my online blogging business and start living the REAL worry-free lifestyle in the fastest time possible.

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AND I understand that this investment is backed by your no quibble, no questions asked guarantee... and if I don't get at least a dozen money making ideas from this package then I'll simply send you an email and receive a full and fast refund for everything. 


On that basis I'm ready to recieve all the learning materials by clicking the 'Add To Cart' button below...

Click the 'Add To Cart' button above now and I look forward to hearing YOUR success story.


John Yeo

P.S.  Remember, you'll either make money with this system or pay nothing for the training. The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty-handed.



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